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As I write this, there are only 20 days remaining in 2020.

Good riddance 2020. B’bye.

On some level, we all know and understand that in order to appreciate the sweet in life, we often have to experience the bitter.

2020 has been incomparable in that respect. None of us could have seen this coming exactly one year ago.

On a personal note, I have experienced very unexpected highs, and very low lows throughout this year. I can’t help but contemplate on some of the things that this year has taught me.

Here is a list of 10 things, in no particular order:

  1. Simplicity

In a privileged and busy life, things can get complicated. The second I was forced to slow down, everything became much simpler.

  1. Patience

Not something I am generally known for. Faced with no choice but to be patient, here I sit, patiently waiting for things to change. I am looking forward to this with all my heart.

  1. Perspective

While we are all in this together, I swear every single person I know is experiencing this pandemic a little bit differently. Speaking to clients, friends and family – I have truly learned to appreciate perspectives that are often very different from my own. It’s not that I never did this before, it’s just that the epidemic’s impact on social, economic and emotional levels has offered me the opportunity to see how something seemingly the same can look so different for each person.

  1. Connection

Thank you Covid-19. While I really think you have been a major pain in the a_s, you have really offered me an opportunity to connect with my family members, friends, clients and even complete strangers in the most beautiful and compassionate way.

  1. Compassion

Sure, we all believe that we are compassionate, and on so many levels we are probably right. However, circumstances this year have enabled me to truly feel compassion for people whose circumstances might look very different than mine. I feel immense compassion for my children and for the elderly. In both cases, this slice of time will not be easily replaced. In addition, and equally important, I have learned to be more compassionate towards myself.

  1. Self Reflection

I consider myself someone who enjoys self reflection, who strives for self improvement. This year, I have not only learned to be more compassionate towards myself, but I have really truly stopped being so judgemental towards myself. I am becoming more accepting of my shortcomings and shedding some of the pressure I feel to be – well, perfect. Perfect as a mother, perfect as a friend, perfect at my job. I am leaning into the opportunity that comes from not knowing. In the same way I have no choice but to lean into not knowing what will come next in the pandemic, I am becoming OK with being uncertain. I am actually relishing the chance to learn more just by recognizing that.

  7.  Caution

I am not cautious. At all. Not by nature.
I am becoming more cautious. I am obviously forced to proceed with caution every time I leave the house. This could lead somewhere good for me. I could learn to take a beat before I answer a question, or offer my opinions. Some good could come from that.

  1. Flexibility

I could just leave this one here, and I know you will understand. For me, this is a big one. People who know me see me as very easy going. I am not, not really. I like things the way I like them. Well, now I am flexible. As if I had a choice about this one…

  1. Resilience

I am strong. Life has made me this way. I have always been a certain kind of resilient. It has been a pleasure for me to see how resilient others are. I am looking around at my children, and at my friends’ children. Wow. That’s all that needs to be said there. There are many ways that kids might be struggling right now, but on the whole, I say kudos to this generation of kids. They are amazing.

  1. LOVE

I guess I really didn’t need a pandemic to teach me about love. However, as I said, 2020 has offered my some experiences I would have rather not had (car accidents and hospital stays, and death of a loved one are some ‘highlights’). Again, there is no richness in a life without contrast. My love for my husband and children has deepened in a way I didn’t think was possible, same with some of my friends. Nothing like a little pandemic to really reinforce your appreciation for those around you. We are so blessed.

I hope that this personal reflection has helped you connect with your own experience in 2020.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say that while I know the holiday period will be very different this year, I wish you lots of love, laughter and the very best of health.