I call it “nutrition noise”. Everyday, we’re bombarded by studies, diets, trends and tips that leave us wondering what really works as we try to stay healthy.

But what really matters is wellness. If you feel better, you work better. You play better. You think better.

If you love food, but are suffering from bloating, heartburn, constipation /diarrhea, sluggish weight loss or imbalanced blood sugar, then the ShiftShape 10 DAY ONLINE CLEANSE is for you.

ShiftShape is about finding balance and living a life that lets you feel your best inside and out. What it’s NOT about is crash diets, trendy superfoods, and calorie restriction.

Here is your chance to work with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for less than what you spend on lunch each day.

I will personally guide you through 10 days of healthy changes. Changes that will make you feel noticeably better. You will show up to life with more energy and more focus.

Changes that will help you beat the bloat, reduce heartburn, constipation and diarrhea, balance your blood sugar and lose unwanted weight. For good.
ShiftShape 10 DAY ONLINE CLEANSE includes:

ShiftShape 10 Day Online Cleanse Guide which will include everything you need to get started and complete your cleanse. And it's yours to keep, so you can go back and revisit it whenever you need to.

I’ll follow it with an introductory pre-cleanse e-mail, and 10 days of daily e-mail support to provide you with guidance and tips to ensure that your cleanse is a success. Plus, at the end of the 10 days, I will follow up with instructions on how to move forward from the cleanse.

Your own cleanse guide, which I’ve carefully researched and written myself.

Food and shopping checklists; navigate the grocery store aisles with ease.

5 day sample meal plan – learn to effortlessly throw together healthy and satisfying meals in a pinch.

Your own personalized workbook, including before and after symptoms checklist so you can accurately track your progress and goal setting worksheets to help you reset old habits and shift into new ones.

Easy-to-prepare and delicious recipes make changing your eating habits a breeze. Choose from over 40 healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options!

Plus you will have constant guidance, feedback, and support from me – from start to finish.

– PLUS –

Preferred pricing for post cleanse supervision.

Note: This programs does NOT involve any fasting, or any required supplements. It simply and effectively uses nourishing foods to help bring your body back into balance.

Here’s what past participants are saying:

“Thank you for this great opportunity. The daily emails? Loved. They were a comfort and a way to stay motivated. It was so informative, I learned a lot. Each morning when I woke up, I looked for the email immediately. It was fantastic.”
Leanne S, Thornhill
“It was great to receive daily tips and instructions. I think I would have been overwhelmed to receive it all at once.”
Annie O, Thornhill
“This was so easy to follow. The instructions were clear and the daily emails were so inspiring and motivating. I needed this reset so badly. I didn’t even know it. I am thrilled that I no longer have heartburn every night at the end of each day. Thank you!”
Maria P, Woodbridge
“This has literally changed my life. I needed some guidelines to help me make some changes. The information was simple to follow. The recipes were delicious and the emails were inspiring. I don’t have time for complicated instructions or steps to follow. I loved that all I needed to do was a bit of advance planning and I could easily find amazing foods to eat.”
Sasha, Timmins
“I'm so happy that I started this new food and lifestyle with your cleanse. I'm probably 90/10 to this day and feeling beyond great. It's been refreshing to make educated food choices and still feel totally satiated and fulfilled. I have found a new understanding and respect for organic foods which allows me to shop in a more knowledgeable fashion. I've recommended your services to many of my friends who could benefit greatly from your advice. Thank you again Bonnie"
Karen, Toronto
Get ready for a rejuvenating cleanse designed to restart and rebalance your body so that nothing holds you back from feeling and being your best self.

The ShiftShape 10 Day Cleanse Simplifies and
Plans Everything for You

Ready to feel better from the inside out?