Breakfast IS the Champion!

Breakfast really IS the champion!

You’ve probably heard the quote, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” so many times that it has begun to lose its meaning. However, it’s not just a myth. There’s a reason that quote is so popular. Breakfast has numerous benefits for your body and mind.

Stable Energy Levels

Eating breakfast can help get your day off to a good start and help you stay energized. When you sleep, your digestive system slows down. Many people eat lightly or skip food completely in the morning, eat heavier in the afternoon, and finish off with a big dinner (and dessert too). There is a problem with this strategy as it deprives you of food when you need it the most, which is in the morning. If you skip breakfast, your body stays in this slower state, slowing your metabolism and leading to weight gain.

Eating breakfast can help to jump-start your digestive system.  Eating within 2 hours of waking can make a difference in the way you metabolize glucose, or blood sugar, all day. Your glucose level rises every time you eat, and your pancreas produces insulin to shuttle the glucose into your cells, where it’s used for energy. Research is finding that keeping glucose and insulin in the right balance has important effects on metabolism and health.

Start Your Day Right

Eating a healthy breakfast can refuel your body, and help you to eat less later in the day. When you skip breakfast, you are more likely to overeat later in the day. Consuming a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fat, and protein can fill you up, and satisfy your hunger.

So you see, Breakfast is not just an extra meal. It serves several purposes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Keep it simple. One of my favourite, easy, and pretty quick breakfasts is-

Protein: 2 eggs, scrambled, with chopped onions

Fat: 1/2 avocado, sliced

Carbohydrate: Cucumber and tomato slices


Warning: Nutrition Nerd Factoid Ahead

Onions are a prebiotic food, meaning that they provide the type of nourishment required to replenish the good bacteria in your gut.

Here are 10 Complete Breakfast Ideas to keep you fuller for longer and more energized throughout your day.

1.  Eggs any way you like ’em with a side of fruit or veggie
 and some avocado slices or some nuts. Yes, nuts.

2. Smoothies- include your favourite ingredients plus protein
powder, and a healthy fat source like avocado, coconut oil  or
coconut milk.

3. Avocado toast with or without egg on top (smashed avocado
on your favourite whole grain bread – can add tomatoes, sea
salt and hemp hearts.

4. Steel cut oats with 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds or nuts, 1/2 cup
berries and eggs or full fat yogurt.

5. Whole grain toast with nut butter and banana slices

6. Chia pudding with chopped fruit.

7. Quinoa with coconut milk, berries, honey, and some nuts

8.  Buckwheat waffles or pancakes with sliced fruit

9. Full fat greek yogurt or coconut yogurt with fruit, nuts and

10. Oatmeal in a packet on rushed mornings. Choose a brand
with the least amount of added sugar, and add berries, nuts or

Are you normally a breakfast eater?

Share your favourite breakfast in the comments below.


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  • AnnaMaria Reply

    Great ideas Bonnie!
    I’m a teacher and noticed you were offering a recipe book to teachers of only ycdsb? Is that true?
    I teach with the docdsb?

    I just recently joined your September 11th challenge!

    • Bonnie Wisener Reply

      Hi Anna Maria. Just saw this now…Yes, it is true! It’s fantastic news – your new insurance plan covers nutrition services. As a bonus, I am giving any teacher who I work with a FREE copy of this cookbook. Hope you enjoyed the challenge. Please get in touch if you would like to meet. I do work with people at my office, via phone or skype.

    • Bonnie Wisener Reply

      Hi Anna Maria. Just wanted to let you know that it’s amazing that Ontario teachers now have insurance coverage that is valid for nutrition services like mine. I am offering 10% off on all teachers packages. And yes,that cookbook is being shared with any teacher who purchases a package.

  • Ronit Reply

    Bonnie, I love breakfast,
    Recently two doctors told me about this new concept of the 14 hour fast
    So if you eat dinner at 7 don’t eat again until 9 am

    • Bonnie Wisener Reply

      I think I answered this question in the facebook group. Please let me know if you have further questions.

  • Giola Pressacco Reply

    Hi Bonnie,

    Just going thru your site and breakfast ideas, thanks )

    Can you recommend a good protien powder?

    I suffer from inflammation and low immune system and digestive issues if that helps with which protien powder you recommend.

    Thanks very much
    Giola Pressacco

    • Bonnie Wisener Reply

      Hi Giola
      I really like vegan protein powders. 2 that I recommend are Vega au naturel and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yea!

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