Shift Your Life!!

This is where the opportunity to shift into a healthy lifestyle pattern begins.

Assessment and Customized Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

It’s my opportunity to learn all about you so that I can uncover and address the root cause of any issues you may have. This is not a quick fix, this is an opportunity to learn how to make sustainable shifts in your food and lifestyle that will lead you to optimal health and vitality.

I will employ an integrative approach to your health, and will focus on customized nutritional therapy, stress reduction techniques, and lifestyle changes that will enable you to shift your life.

The Benefits

The benefits of following a customized health plan developed to address your specific needs and requirements are limitless, and include elimination of symptoms, regaining energy and strength, improving your emotional state and appearance, and generally feeling well from the inside out.

Initial Consultation

2 Part Package + Follow Ups
Part 1 – 60 Minutes
Initial Consultation

A detailed health assessment which will consider your personal and family health history, current eating and exercise habits, current medications and supplements, bowel habits, work and stress levels. This will be followed up by a personalized plan with recommendations for diet, lifestyle and supplements.

Part 2 – 60 Minutes
Follow Up Visit

The first Follow up Visit will present and implement your customized wellness plan. Your wellness plan will include a customized nutrition, supplement and lifestyle protocol, educational support materials, meal plans and recipes.

1x One Hour Session

Follow up sessions are an opportunity to review progress, discuss concerns, make appropriate changes based on progress and plan next steps. The frequency of follow up sessions will be dependent on individual need and will be discussed together during the initial consult.

Shift Into Healthy Eating Habits

Convenient Options for Busy Schedules
Shift Chat
1x One Hour Session

Sometimes, we just want someone to wade through the clutter with us. There is a lot of “nutrition noise” out there. Join me for a 1 hour meeting where we will cover the basics of eating for wellness and vitality. This session is chock full of information that will place you on the path to better nourishment. It’s also an opportunity to have all of your questions answered.

  • 1x One Hour Session
  • 1-2 Follow-up Emails
  • Shift Into Healthy Eating Handouts


10 Day Online Cleanse
If you want to increase your energy levels, enhance mental clarity, decrease inflammation, and remember what it is like to feel WELL, then the ShiftShape 10 DAY ONLINE CLEANSE is for you.

This is by far, my most popular program. It is a reset like no other. You will receive everything you need to get started, and then you will be personally guided and supported by me, through a rejuvenating, enlightening nutritional cleanse. It is the best whole, healthy eating way to curb sugar cravings, and get you back on track to healthy eating. You will benefit from better digestion, increased energy, mental clarity and balanced moods.

On sign-up you get the materials right away. You will receive:

Cleanse Guidelines (Rationale) and Food Guide
Before and After Cleanse Symptoms Tracker
Cleanse friendly Recipe Booklet
Shopping List
Sample Menu Plan
Daily support via educational and inspirational emails
Follow Up email / Direction on how to proceed post-cleanse


Group Education and Coaching Program
Signature Program
Think it would be cool to go to nutrition school?

Learn the fundamentals of eating well and living a balanced lifestyle in an intimate group setting. If you are interested in learning how to feed your family and adopt a healthy lifestyle, then this group is for you.

Grab some of your best girlfriends (or couple friends) and form your own group. Meetings can take place in your home.

Kickoff Grocery Store Tour
4 “live” weekly educational meetings
Shopping Lists, Meal Plans, Recipe booklet


12 Week Weight Loss Program
Group or One-on-One
Have you been on and off the diet roller coaster?

Have you been on and off the diet roller coaster, or are you concerned that your metabolism has slowed down? Are you interested in feeling more energetic? Have you lost touch with what it is like to feel “well”?

This package is designed to coach you through sustainable changes to your diet. It includes:

Personalized nutrition plan to designed to help you achieve your goals.
Weekly meal planning guidelines.
Shopping list.
Recipe booklet.
Weekly meetings (12 in total). Each meeting will provide you with a new lesson designed to educate you and give you appropriate tools as you achieve your weight loss mission.
Weekly monitoring of your food logs, and suggestions and tweaks to enhance and mobilize your efforts.
Ongoing phone and email coaching to answer any questions or concerns that you have along your journey

Other Shift Enhancers

Build and Shape Your Custom Nutrition Plan
Weekly Meal Plans
Available Upon Request

Gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. Customized meal plans available to help take the work out of planning so you can just enjoy healthy eating, the way you need to.

Kitchen Clean Out
(No judgement!)

Learn what is in your kitchen that is preventing you from moving forward in your journey to health and wellness. We will go through your fridge and cupboards and get rid of the foods that may be compromising your health. You will learn how to read and understand food labels so you are always making the best choice for you.

Grocery Store Tour
1x One Hour Session

Cruise your favourite grocery store and learn how to make healthy food choices, and read nutrition labels. During this session we will make sure that you find everything you need to keep you aligned with your personal goals.

Uncertain about what you need and how I can help?

All sessions are currently conducted virtually on Zoom or by phone.
Call to set up a free 15 minute discovery call.